A high cybersecurity posture is crucial to maintaining an organization’s information assets, brand and image; cybersecurity breaches of intellectual property or customer data can result in financial losses, regulatory issues and lost competitive advantage. Separately from the help desk and the FNOC, the FSOC provides 24/7/365 security monitoring, malicious activity detection and response services; cybersecurity patching and updates; proactive security audits, vulnerability assessments and discovery mechanisms.

Staffed with cybersecurity experts with both DoD and commercial cybersecurity experience, the FSOC utilizes cybersecurity strategies for preventing breaches, assessing risks and impacts, and identifying and remediating attacks before damage has occurred, by minimizing the time between a security compromise and its detection. Also offered are services for regulatory compliance evaluation and reporting; IdAM (identity and access management); SSO (single sign-on); and multifactor authentication.